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New Contest??

Mucho Perfecto, Aug 31, 12 5:55 PM.
I've been thinking about doing another contest, like member of the month. I want to keep member of the month still, but not give away real money. It gets too complicated when people don't live in the U.S. The prize would be a "Bit Pot," everyone that wishes to participate will add a stack of their respective bit color (DPS - Red, Tank - Blue, Heals and Trolls - Yellow) to the Bit Pot. Then the winner would, of course receive the whole Pot. Just haven't been able to think of a contest yet. Chime in with your ideas. Thanks!
- Death Stamp

Alt Names

Mucho Perfecto, Aug 6, 12 9:57 PM.
If you're going to make an alternate toon, you should name him after the league. We've seen this from other leagues. We will had Merc in front of your name. Something like that.

Facebook Page

Mucho Perfecto, Jul 20, 12 12:49 PM.
I added a Like Mercenary Elite that will allow you to instantly like your Facebook page...but we need a Facebook page first. Anyone wanna get on that? -Death Stamp


Mucho Perfecto, Jul 18, 12 10:35 AM.
We have decided to close league recruitment until further notice. We feel we should focus on building up our current members, and then letting new ones in when needed. If you have any questions, email me on this site, or in game. Thank you. 

- Death Stamp

New Poe Videos

Mucho Perfecto, Jul 17, 12 3:39 AM.
Poe is on the PC test servers, he made a gadgets guide a few days ago. There will be guides coming out on every power soon. Sadly I wasn't that impressed with his gadgets video. 
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Hello everyone, I've been super busy lately, but feel free to contact me on here if you have any questions or need anything. 
- Death Stamp
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